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How Can You Fix Missing Teeth?

There’s something so visually satisfying about a row of perfectly aligned books on a bookshelf. Each volume, thick or thin, short or tall, is neatly slotted ‘just so’. But if you take just one down from the shelf, all that order is lost, and the other books start to fall toward the recess.

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Missing teeth work in a similar way. When all the teeth are present they are neatly aligned. As soon as a tooth is taken out we often find that the teeth on either side fall into the space left behind. The good news is you have several options when it comes to filling that gap. The friendly team of dentists at Switch Dental in Lower Hutt are happy to help you choose the best option.

Whether you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, here are a few solutions to consider asking about during your next dental appointment:

False teeth (removable dentures)

Your first and most affordable option is to simply go with a set of false teeth. False teeth or dentures are excellent stand-ins for one or more missing teeth. Modern false teeth and dentures are masterfully crafted to look natural while ensuring they fit as comfortably as possible. This option does require a little upkeep though, but clients who are currently invested in false teeth claim you get used to popping them in and out at night, and it’s worth it for their practicality.


A bridge is a ceramic tooth that is fused between two adjacent crowned teeth. It utilises these teeth to literally bridge across the gap where a tooth is missing. Dental bridges work well to seamlessly restore a gapless smile. They not only aid eating and speaking but they also protect the teeth either side of the gap that the bridge is constructed on. Unlike removable false teeth, bridges do not need to be removed. Because of this many people prefer the convenience of this option.


Perhaps the most technologically advanced and exciting form of tooth replacement. Implants are the next best thing to real teeth because they become a part of the jaw. They feel more natural than false teeth as they form a stable anchor for a prosthetic tooth to be built on. There are plenty of options with implants, they can fill one gap or an entire smile’s worth of teeth.

Whichever option you favour, Switch Dental in Lower Hutt would be happy to help you fill your toothy gaps in a way that effectively suits and restores your smile to its full potential. Book a consultation appointment today to see if dentures, bridges or implants are right for you.

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