Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. All our work is technically excellent, our goal is to see you smile. We’ve listed some of the common treatments we care for day to day. Please feel free to contact Switch, your Lower Hutt Dentist, to check in with the experts if you have any questions at all, we’d love to hear from you.

Emergency & ACC

Sometimes the unexpected happens. We’ve got your back, and your back-up plan, so there’s no need for panic. We keep space in our day to see you if the unexpected does happen, so you can rest easy. And if you’ve had an accident, we partnered with ACC to provide subsidised treatment.

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Free Dental Treatments for Teens - Switch Dental Lower Hutt

Free Treatment for Teens

Go to school somewhere in the Hutt Valley? If you’re at high school or aged 13-18, then there’s great news – treatment is free! All you have to do is call up and register.

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There’s always more than one way to go about things. If teeth are damaged or decayed, fillings are an option to repair and reinforce the teeth. We make sure you know what’s going on so you can decide. The way we see it, everyone is different and it’s time it felt that way.

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Replacing Missing Teeth - Switch Dental Lower Hutt

Replacing Missing Teeth

Back teeth are for chewing and front teeth are for smiling. Running out of spares can mean the remaining teeth have to shoulder the extra load. Teeth can be replaced by dentures, bridges and implants. Your teeth need love and support, too.

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Hygiene and Gum Maintenance

We’ve all heard about bleeding gums, loose teeth and dragon’s breath. The tricky thing about gums is that they aren’t usually sore until it’s too late. Whether you’re breathing fumes or just feeling the fuzz, a hygienist appointment is one of the best gifts you can give your teeth. Contact us at Switch, your Lower Hutt Dentist, to set up a time for your teeth to get a treat.

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Wisdom Teeth

As the saying goes, the older you get, the wiser you are. Sometimes this wisdom brings more pain than expected and these teeth get in the way, damaging the neighbouring teeth.

If your wisdom teeth start popping up or you get that niggling feeling, we can help. We’ll start with an x-ray so you can see what’s happening and then chat about how you’d like to go from there.

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Root Canal Treatment

Toothaches, abscesses and dead teeth aren’t any fun but they’re not the end of the world. You only get one set of teeth, so we do everything we can to give your teeth, and you, the best smile.

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Sedation - Switch Dental Lower Hutt


And if you can’t shake that feeling, we can help with sedation to make things even easier. Because we all know that uncomfortable knot at the bottom of our stomach, we want you to feel the difference a Switch experience can make to your day.

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Crowns and Tooth Bonding

A crown is designed to improve or protect vulnerable teeth. If you’re feeling like your teeth are brittle or chipped, a cap can encircle the affected tooth. Crowns are also a viable option for larger cavities that a filling just won’t completely fix.

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