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Sometimes the unexpected happens. We’ve got your back, and your back-up plan, so there’s no need for panic. We keep space in our day to see you if the unexpected does happen, so you can rest easy. And if you’ve had an accident, we partnered with ACC to provide subsidised treatment.

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Did you know that if your tooth is knocked out, you can get it put back in? Or that the number one dental accident in New Zealand are chipped teeth? If you knocked out a tooth out opening a bottle cap Switch Dental can help!

We work with ACC, who cover costs for dental work or replacements from injuries. ACC will cover anyone and everyone in New Zealand who is injured or involved in an accident and in need of dental work. If you’re a visitor, beneficiary, child, adult, teenager, student, employed, unemployed or retired, you are eligible for ACC compensation.

Switch Dental can make claims on your behalf and do all the paperwork. All you need to do is focus on recovering. ACC’s compensation clauses are no-fault and will subsidise the costs of your appointments, treatment and recovery. That means no matter what you were doing or how the accident happened, ACC will cover you according to their legislation.

If you’re injured, immediately seek help from your dentists at Switch. We have emergency examinations available every day of the week in our Lower Hutt location. As long as the damage was caused by an accident then you will be covered and ACC will help with replacement costs for dentures, prostheses and implants.

In the meantime, here are some practical steps to take between your injury and meeting your dentist for some of our most common injuries. If your accident isn’t listed here, get a mate to call us and we’ll walk you through some simple first aid for your teeth.

Emergency Dentist Services in Lower Hutt

Are you looking for an emergency dentist in Lower Hutt? If your tooth is knocked out, it can be put back in without too much trouble. Pick up the tooth by the top, clean out any dirt or grime – you don’t want any carpet fluff going in your mouth! Next, put the tooth gently back in the socket and hold it there by gently biting down on some cloth. If you can’t get the tooth back in, just pop it in a glass of milk and bring it with you to the dentist as fast as you can. The dentist will replant your tooth immediately. The sooner your tooth is back in the socket then the better the outcome will be.

For vegans and non-dairy drinkers, or if you just don’t have milk in the house, pop the tooth under your lip and get to Switch Dental. Just be careful not swallow your tooth!

Should your tooth get chipped or cracked, it’s crucial to protect your broken tooth. Your dentist at Switch Dental Lower Hutt will place a covering over your tooth. Inner layers like dental pulp or roots might be exposed, which can get infected very quickly if left unattended. Give us a call and head on down. If you still have the chipped part of your tooth, bring it too and our dentist will see if they can use it to repair the tooth. If not, you have a small souvenir and a good story to tell!

Displaced teeth are if your tooth isn’t quite knocked out, but is definitely hanging out or pushed pack. If you can’t close your teeth normally, or your bite is uncomfortable, get to Switch Dental as soon as possible. The sooner we can put the tooth back in its normal position, the best chance your tooth has of surviving. If your tooth survives, it means fewer complications in the long run and a reduced risk of infection.

Since we’re in such a central Hutt location, Switch Dental is easy to get to in Lower Hutt, so you can race on down. The bottom line is this: no matter the injury or cause, no matter who’s at fault, get to your local emergency dentist, Switch Dental as soon as possible.

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