Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening, is a fast and effective way to bring the shine back into your teeth. It perfects your smile and removes stains long-term

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Get your teenager checked before 18

Be proactive and encourage them to go before they turn 18. Here are the reasons why

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Swollen glands and wisdom tooth pain?

Pericoronitis or any other form of infection (like a tooth abscess) is one of those issues that gets worse over time if left untreated.

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Chipped tooth troubles

There it is. Staring at you every time you smile in a photo or pull a face in the mirror: the chipped tooth. You know the one. You’ve been meaning to get it fixed for months (if not years). Perhaps the chip isn’t old news. Maybe you were taking a bite of a delicious snack […]

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How Can You Fix Missing Teeth?

There’s something so visually satisfying about a row of perfectly aligned books on a bookshelf. Each volume, thick or thin, short or tall, is neatly slotted ‘just so’. But if you take just one down from the shelf, all that order is lost, and the other books start to fall toward the recess. Contact Switch […]