Is too much coffee bad for my teeth?

Bad habits that cause tooth trauma: part 1

It’s every person’s right to have a bad habit or two…it’s all part of being human! Binge watching that favourite series on Netflix is one thing, but when those bad habits do damage to our bodies, it might pay to … Continued

Chipped tooth troubles

There it is. Staring at you every time you smile in a photo or pull a face in the mirror: the chipped tooth. You know the one. You’ve been meaning to get it fixed for months (if not years). Perhaps … Continued

man with missing teeth

How Can You Fix Missing Teeth?

There’s something so visually satisfying about a row of perfectly aligned books on a bookshelf. Each volume, thick or thin, short or tall, is neatly slotted ‘just so’. But if you take just one down from the shelf, all that … Continued

how to brush teeth

How to Brush Your Teeth The “Switch” Way

Brushing your teeth is such a simple and basic activity. It’s something that’s ingrained into our morning and evening routines, and something we’ve been taught to do from a very young age. Because of this it’s natural that we forget … Continued