The Switch manual for tooth enamel

Tooth enamel is the thin outer layer that covers your teeth. Enamel just so happens to be the toughest tissue in the entire human body!

What is enamel?

Simply put, tooth enamel is the thin outer layer (or shield) that covers your teeth. Enamel acts as a super tough shell – it just so happens to be the toughest tissue in the entire human body! Enamel covers the crown of your tooth (or the surface area visible above our gums).

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Like diamonds, enamel is tough but ultimately see-through. It isn’t actually the culprit responsible for the colour of our teeth. The coloured surface beneath this shield is called dentine – the stuff responsible for a whole world of hurt if you’ve got sensitive teeth!

Though it isn’t originally coloured, enamel can be stained. Tea, coffee, wine and cigarettes are just a few staining substances that can affect your enamel. These surface stains are, thankfully, easy enough to fix. Simply book a hygiene appointment to clean the stains off the teeth followed by a whitening appointment with your local dentist to see your enamel sparkling like a bright diamond once more!

What does enamel do?

As we mentioned earlier, enamel works as a tough shield; diligently protecting your teeth from the oral elements: biting and crunching, extreme temperatures, and grinding. Although enamel is a tough cookie, it isn’t bulletproof. Enamel chips and cracks like wallpaper, exposing your teeth to harmful, destructive bacteria and basic physical damage.

How do I fix it?

If your teeth are suffering from enamel erosion and causing you a great deal of painful problems, you should definitely book an appointment with your local Lower Hutt dentist (or your Wellington dentist). Your dentist can discern and discuss effective options that he or she can take to restore your enamel back to its former protective glory.

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