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Bad habits that cause tooth trauma: part 1

It’s every person’s right to have a bad habit or two…it’s all part of being human! Binge watching that favourite series on Netflix is one thing, but when those bad habits do damage to our bodies, it might pay to make a few self-adjustments.

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This month we’ll be taking a look at 11 terrible habits that cause damage to your teeth, and a few ways in which your dentist can help repair any harm already done:

Teeth as tools

If you’ve ever opened a package with your teeth then today is the day you should stop doing that. Teeth are tools designed for eating only, so leave the packet-opening to your scissors and the bottle-opening to your bottle opener.

Chewing Ice

It’s always tempting to chew the icy remains of your cocktail when the conversation at the bar drags out a little longer than expected. Just because teeth can chew ice, doesn’t mean it’s good for them!

The damage ice does to your teeth might make you rethink that ice munching habit of yours, perhaps prompting you to reach for the sugar free gum in exchange! Aside from the sensitivity (caused by the frozen water changing the temperature of the sensitive tissue inside the teeth) that hard frozen cube might very well chip a tooth.

Pierced tongues & lips

Tongue piercings might look cute on that celebrity you follow online, but they are one of the most tenacious trouble makers when it comes to keeping teeth in top shape. We usually advise against these, as they run the risk of accidentally piercing blood vessels.

In regards to teeth, however, one accidental chew on that protruding metal piercing can lead to some nasty cracks and chips! Suddenly the overall aesthetic of your mouth might not look so cute.

Grinding your teeth (Bruxism)

We understand that sometimes this habit can’t be helped, as it can happen subconsciously while people sleep. Grinding teeth does more damage than just causing an uncomfortable noise: it literally grinds them down and wears them away.

If you find yourself unable to control this habit while you sleep, consider letting us make a sleeping mouth guard for you. These are designed to be more comfortable than the safety mouth guards sport players might wear, so you can have a comfortable night sleep without destroying your teeth!

Drinking wine (I know…we’re sorry)

Drinking wine, red or white, has the potential to, at the very least, discolour teeth. Red wine is rich in deep pigments (chromogen and tannins) and tends to stain teeth an unpleasant shade.

Drinking coffee (more bad news)

Yes, even the precious caffeinated elixir of life can cause its own amount of damage to your teeth. Coffee’s dark colour also stains teeth – but there is hope yet remaining for coffee-lovers! Coffee-stained teeth are (thankfully) the easiest to clean and whiten.

Chat to your Lower Hutt dentist about a whitening session, and try your best to remember to brush after your morning cuppa.

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