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How to care for aging teeth

It’s not surprising that dental care should become more thorough and vigilant the older you get, if you want to keep your smile strong and healthy.

From the moment they appear, our teeth are put hard to work every day. Biting, chewing, grinding and more. It’s not surprising that dental care should become more thorough and vigilant the older you get, if you want to keep your smile strong and healthy.

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The sooner you implement a regular dental routine, the better. Prevention is the key when it comes to staying healthy, and that goes for your teeth as well. Brushing and flossing daily and getting regular check-ups will help keep issues at bay and ensure that your teeth continue to serve you for years to come.

The problem with teeth is…

As you get older, your teeth will show more signs of wear and tear. The following symptoms and problems are more likely to occur with age, especially if your teeth haven’t been a priority.

Stained teeth

The shine of your teeth will fade over time. This is mostly due to consumption of tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco as well as foods that are rich in colour and spices. Staining can also be caused by medication, poor oral hygiene and occurs naturally with age.

Dry mouth

With age your mouth produces less saliva. This can be a result of medical conditions such as diabetes and can lead to dental issues, so talk to us if you experience a dry mouth most of the time.

Root decay

Damaged teeth are harder to manage as you get older, so apart from preventing root decay by taking care of your teeth early on, regular check-ups will help spot any issues and deal with them before things get nasty.

Gum disease

This is quite common in senior dental patients. As more and more plaque builds up on the surface of your teeth, your gums will start to recede.

Tooth loss

The older you get, the more inevitable it becomes that one or more of your teeth will fall out. However, if you care for your aging teeth properly, they will stay with you for much longer.

The ABC of care for aging teeth

The most important advice on how to care for aging teeth are thorough cleaning and regular check-ups. Schedule an appointment with your dentist at least every 6 months or as suggested. This is even more important if your teeth and gums are already showing signs of decay. At Switch Dental we will check for loose teeth, gum inflammation and other oral conditions. We can also give your teeth a thorough clean and discuss any problems you might experience.

Here a few tips to help you care for aging teeth:


As your teeth and gums become more sensitive, we recommend you use a brush with soft bristles. Rather than just brushing twice a day, try brushing after every single meal. Don’t brush too hard, otherwise you’re putting extra pressure on already weakened gums.


This should be done daily as it reaches areas around your teeth and gums that your brush simply won’t. Make sure you scrape around each tooth several times to get rid of as much plaque as possible. If you’re having trouble gripping the floss due to arthritis or other problems, ask us about flossing aids.


If you’ve started losing the odd tooth here and there, implants offer a permanent solution to fix these gaps. They are custom-designed to match the shade and shape of the rest of your teeth, so most people forget they even have them. They need just as much care as your own teeth, but brushing and flossing needs to be done with extra care as they can be damaged otherwise.


If despite all your efforts you require partial or complete dentures, don’t worry. They will also be custom-made to fit perfectly and will resemble the look of your original teeth. Dentures need to be cleaned regularly as to your dentist’s instructions, and you still need to look after your gums to prevent decay and inflammation.

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